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A healthy vehicle paves the way for a happy life. The most beneficial service to car owners is the kind of service that covers every foreseeable auto issue that might arise over the course of your vehicle's life. This includes maintenance to prevent problems, replacement of aging components, collision repair, detailing, customizations, and major repairs.

Without proper maintenance, you'll face heftier repair bills and expensive towing fees over the years. Do away with those worries and expenses by trusting our auto service team.

Timely Maintenance

If you hold top performance near and dear to you, don't forget to make regular maintenance a top priority in your life. Of all regular maintenance, the oil change ranks as the most fundamental to your vehicle's health.

Oil prevents your engine from wearing out early and keeps it from overheating while it's out there powering your vehicle. Our Rockville auto professionals are old pros at delivering a quick, simple oil change for your vehicle.

While the oil change might be the most frequent maintenance you get, it's far from the only regular maintenance your vehicle needs. Other maintenance services we offer include fluid checks and changes, battery testing, hose inspections and replacements, and tire rotations.

Major Repairs

All vehicles eventually age and need new components. Machines are like people: they don't last very long without regular care from a professional. Our team of service experts swoops in to rescue an ailing powertrain or braking system. We've got a long list of components we repair for our customers, including the powertrain and drivetrain of your vehicle. Whether it is a new issue or routine maintenance, we have you covered.

Of all of our services, engine and transmission repairs stand out as two of those components that will take your vehicle out of commission for a few weeks for repairs. So, it's important to keep up with regular maintenance to prevent these repairs. Other components, like your braking system, might need repairs more often. Brake pads and rotors usually last between the 30,000 and 70,000 mileage marker.

We'll replace these components and get you a fresh set of rotors and brake pads. We do it all, regardless of the model, but some of our most frequently repaired components include AC/heating systems, touchscreen infotainment systems, alternators, batteries, and shocks/struts.

Service Specials

Our service specials are a handy way to keep more money in your pocket this year. You can check our current specials by contacting one of our friendly certified auto technicians. We often inform customers about specials through our website, too.

You can save money on your vehicle's most important maintenance routines and keep more money left over to spend on future maintenance, repairs, or other things in your life. Every penny counts in life, and we make it simple to save on auto service.

A Place to Relax

Good auto care is about taking care of more than just cars; it's about caring for people. Our customers can rest easy knowing that we've always got a comfortable waiting area for them during every routine maintenance or major auto repair. Take advantage of free services like Wi-Fi and refreshments while waiting for your next oil change or repair.

There's always a helpful certified service technician to speak to about any auto problem you might have at the moment. If you're worried about your car, speak with a member of our team to get updates.

Thanks for trusting our Rockville area dealership for vehicle service and repair. Contact our team today to learn about our latest service specials and schedule your next auto care appointment.